Scientifically Calculated Optimal Amount of Sun Cream

Best-made Sun Cream

There is nothing more important than sun cream on your skin.
Since we have different thoughts about sun cream,
we made it with the optimal amount to protect our skin.


The most innovative sun cream made by
Korea’s top sun cream expert

We made a remarkable sun cream.

‘Ph.Hubby’ values the true nature of sun cream, such as sunblock effect,
skincare, stability, hygiene and good ingredients.

The most innovative and basic sun cream created
by cosmetics expert and pharmacist. ‘1g Sun Cream’


A new norm of sun cream : 1g Sun Cream

Different thinking brought a different product

‘1g Sun Cream’ was made by a cosmetic expert with 32 years of experience
and a formulate specified at sunscreen products
The quality and ingredients of our product have been thoroughly verified.

‘Ph.Hubby’ makes the safest sun cream.


One spoon of naturality, one spoon of moist, and one spoon of brightness.
#Skincare-free Tone Up Sunscreen

Since the launch of 1g sunscreen, there have been many quiries about the launch of tone-up sunscreen.
Through verification of experts and consumer panel tests,
We have found three keywords for "Tone-up sunscreen" that consumers want.

"Natural tone-up effect," "Moisturizing texture," "Definite UV protection effect".
After dozens of retests, we developed a tone-up sunscreen that satisfies these three keywords.


It contains "minerice," a patented ingredient for improving skin tone.

Our first skin care Minerice line, ssal.

Ssal. stands for Skincare Solution Alternative.
It means all the solutions for skincare.

Minerice Cream and Minerice Toning Essence are skin tone improvement skin care
made with former R&D director L'Oreal after much consideration.

The ingredients that increase skin tone improvement patent ingredients and moisturizing factors by 300%
This is because it is contained and helps to make white skin such as rice grains.


Haut 5.7 Cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin.
Ph. Hubby's new line up, Haut Cleanser.

Haut means "skin" in German, and 5.7 means "pH" of the product.
pH-balancing cleansers help your skin keep up its defenses
while causing irritation.

Use a Haut 5.7 Cleanser every morning/evening and maintain healthy skin!